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The purpose for establishing the South African Tamil Federation Economic Forum is:

  1. to find a long term financially sustainable business model to provide finance for which the SATF and its provincial affiliates can successfully function to promote and propagate the Tamil language, religion and culture taking into account the democratic dispensation we live in and are part of.
  2. to creating an ongoing dialogue between Tamil business men and women, the Government and the broader business community.
  3. to create business opportunities for the Tamil community through but not limited to partnerships, investments, joint ventures, empowerment transactions, networking, and any other business strategy that the economic forum may feel is relevant with the aim of making a profit.

2 thoughts on “Purpose”

    1. Vanakkam Anba,

      Thank you for the interest you have shown in becoming a member. Please familiarize yourself with the membership conditions and the aims and objectives of the organisation via the website. If you satisfy the membership criteria please forward your contact details and I will get someone to contact you.

      National Coordinator

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