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Welcome to the South African Tamil Federation Economic Forum

The National conference of the SATF on the 9th March 2014 took a resolution to form the SATF Economic Forum with provincial structures throughout South Africa. The forum seeks to grow its membership throughout South Africa to an estimated 200 000 individual’s which will be made up of companies. business men and women, individuals, youth, professionals , pensioners, and students.

It is the vision of the South African Tamil Federation Economic Forum that the forum should be broad based where no one that quality’s for membership is excluded, other than those contained in the constitution. We welcome you are encourage you  to  become a member of the provincial forums and play an active role in prompting the business forum in the province in which you reside by spreading its existence through making fellow South Indians aware that the exists.





7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Vannakum Vis, well done on launching this amazing initiative. Best wishes with this endeavour and the prosperity of the Tamil community in South Africa.

  2. Great initiative to get the tamils from all walks of life to start communicating with each other. Looking forward to the next issue and thank you for starting something like this

  3. Vanakkam Saar
    Mikka Nandri for your excellent initiative and for your link. May your Economic Forum grow from strength to strength. and may Mother Lutchmee bless you all.
    Please keep me posted.
    Saths Chettiar

  4. The Tamil Action Group (TAG) salutes you on this exciting new initiative! May the Economic Forum grow immensely from now and into the exciting future. Vazhga Tamizh Vazhga!

    1. Vanakam to the Tamil Action Group’

      Thank you for the kind word and motivation. We appreciate this salute as we reliase that the road ahead is rocky, rough steep and ruggered, we are under no illusion that the task at hand is no easy one. Thank you for the support and all we ask of you is to please spread the word as we need your support. You are the custodians of this project and without you we do not exist, we need all of you. We need to reach out and spread and create the awareness to every Tamil family, men, women and children, professionals, business owner, economists, bankers, accountants, and every Tamil in South Africa, no one should be excluded by design or a hidden clause in the constitution but rather by their own choice. We remain the plan drawers and humble servants of our Tamil community.

      Mikka, Mikka, Mikka, Nandri

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