Aims and Objectives

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The following aims and objectives are envisaged and is subject to change as the forum gains maturity and evolve over time.

  1. Bring all South Indian business men and women under a structured business forum
  2. To provide a network forum amongst business men and women
  3. To share business ideas and share opportunities
  4. To create business mentors for emerging South Indian businesses
  5. To look into training and mentorship programmes for school leavers
  6. To create employment opportunities for South Indian people
  7. To create procurement supply chain opportunities for South Indian people
  8. To offer skill transfer to the South Indian community
  9. To contribute as a collective to the elevation of poverty of the South Indian community and South Africa as a whole
  10. To speak in one voice as a South Indian nation on any business aspect that affect Tamil businesses
  11. To consult and lobby government for the benefit of South Indian businesses
  12. To look at business opportunities through the creation of Joint Ventures and business partnerships
  13. To investigate viable business platform/s for the SATF and its Provincial Federation to become financially self sufficient
  14. To become the mouthpiece for South Indian business
  15. To engage business globally for the benefit of South Indian business
  16. To engage with the Indian government for the benefit of global trade for South Indian business
  17. To seek and find global opportunities and link South Indian business men and women where ever these opportunities exist
  18. To create a data base of South Indian business in all provinces
  19. To launch a business newsletter
  20. To create a website for information dissemination to members
  21. To create an awareness of the business landscape on the regulations that govern business and the implications of noncompliance to the laws of the country
  22. To engage Government and corporate South African on procurement opportunities for the South Indian community.
  23. To create a South Indian business directory
  24. To create sector specific chambers
  25. To keep regular meetings free and open to our members

3 thoughts on “Aims and Objectives”

    1. Vanakkam Nerisha,

      Thank you for your comment, can you please contact Ravi Naidoo from the west region on 081 363 9750 for a membership application form.

      Thank you for making contact and the interest you have shown in the SATF Economic Forum, in addition please don’t just throw money at the Forum become involved and hold the leadership accountable.

      Thanking you
      National Coordinator.

    2. Vanakkam Clive Cook,

      Please contact Seeralan Naidoo for membership, he will point you in the right direction. Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Forum.

      National Coordinator

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