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The SATF Economic Forum will launch the following provincial structures;


Vanakkam all, we have marked yet another milestone in the history of the South African Tamil Federation. It officially has the fist provincial executive of its constituted sub forum the SATF Economic Forum. Elections that took place today the 9 th April 2016 at the Siva Yana Sabay the election process was the “first of its kind he has ever seen in his 40 year of community service in Gauteng says Govindasamy Ramsamy.”

The following Gauteng Exco members officially constitute the first provincial to launch its executive of the South Africal Tamil Federation Economic Forum and are as listed below:

President: Mrs. Melody Chinneppan

Vice President: Mr. Thushan Padayachee

Secretary: Mr Vilalan Veerasamy

Treasurer: Mrs Kumarie Moonsamy

Public Relations Officer: Mr. Govindasamy Ramsamy

National: Not filled

Please join me in congratulating the South African Tamil Federation on the first provincial executive of the provinces and wishing them well in their work of building the SATF Economic Forum in Gauteng.

 I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members in good standing who have endorsed the vision and have become part of the Gauteng membership, all the coordinators who assisted with the membership sign ups.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the following members who worked timeously to ensure the success of today elections Seeralan Naidoo, Navi Moodley, Yegalan Chetty, Tavy Naiker, Indrin Pilay, Loius Moodley, Shanu Sooboo, Poobalan Padayachee,  Dass Moodley, Grushan Moodley, Veena Naidoo, Ravi Naidoo and the many many other coordinators who have contributed to where the forum is today.

My apology if I have omitted to mention anyone as there were many coordinators who put their backs to the wheel.

I solute the outgoing coordinators for their resilience, tenacity, dedication and commitment to the mission, vision and aiims and objectives of the SATF Economic Forum. A big thank you to all the sponsors who made our work much easier.

The road was a long and hard one with every moment a learning experience,  the experience we have gained cannot be found in any published book that one can buy at any of the book shops, however every beginning must have an ending, as I bid farewell to Gauteng I do so confident that Gauteng has a visionary leadership and also with a sense of joy, happiness, pride, accomplishment,  hope  and fulfillment that the tamil community has the solid foundation on which to build a bigger, better, brighter and economically empowered future.

I move on to start the process in another province equipped with a sea of knowledge. Gauteng has taught me many valuable lessons and has made me a wiser, lessons which I will take heed from and implement in other provinces.

We have left a invaluable legacy and the footprints for future leaders to follow, one of openness, honesty and integrity.

I wish the new executive everything of the best in their work ahead in building a strong and vibrant Gauteng Province.

Kwa Zulu Natal

Western Cape

Eastern Cape


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