SATF Economic Forum March 2015 News

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March 2015 saw an increase in the activity of the SATF Economic Forum as follows:

Vanakkam all, today the 7th April 2015 our Facebook page boasts 940 members and we have added another 12 members this morning, well done it is an amazing feeling of excitement at the tremendous support that is forthcoming, our target is to have 200 000 members. If we all invite 20 of our contacts we will have 18 800 members and if those 18 800 members invites 20 of their contacts we will have 376 000. We humbly appeal for your help and support, to spread the awareness of the SATF Economic  Forum. Thank you, Mika, Mika Nanri .

IMG_2224   SATF Economic Forum champions Seeralan Naidoo, Tavy Naiker any myself the brand ambassadors fly to Eastern Cape on the 6th March 2015, to create the awareness of the Forum. Thank you to everyone who wished us a safe flight and successful meeting. We welcome everyone who is willing to assist and become brand ambassadors. We see the dream, we feel the dream, we are the dream, we can report that another successful trip to Malabar Eastern Cape can be noted. Our mandate is to include all South Indians. We are starting fires all over South Africa which are starting to gain momentum.


SATF Economic Forum Gauteng West Region swamped by volunteers at their meeting of the 5th March 2015. Members are urged to please join and flood the Gauteng east and north regions to help assist us realize our goal of a economically free South Indian community in South Africa.


SATF Economic Forum Gauteng East region is proud to report another successful meeting on the evening of the 13th March 2015 at 7 pm. We are living the dream because we can. Yegalan Chetty presented the The Economic Forum at the Siva Alayam on the 14th March 2015 at 10am in Benoni. The congregation of the Benoni Tamil School Board joined us for the presentation and assisted us with recruitment. The team were there to answer any question that the congregation may have had.


Gecko Technical Services t/a, both members of the SATF Economic Forum sign a deal on the 18th March 2015 for R 60 000.00 for 2 x photocopiers, a PABX system, and a maintenance contract. Again this is our founding principle that Forum members support Forum members. You can only benefit if you are a member, Please join membership is R 250.00 per annum which equates to 70 cents a day.


SATF Economic Forum’s Seeralan Naidoo initiates 12 South Indian Logistics Companies to join to discuss a prospective deal for 35 Trucks to obtain work with a blue chip company. This is what we mean by economic empowerment of our community, real meaningful tangible benefits. The more we come together the more we all stand to benefit.

On the 23rd March 2015 the Laudium Tamil Association board gave the SATF Economic Forum the thumbs up at what they term as a very impressive and well thought out presentation. 25 membership forms were issued, with a commitment to forward details about the SATF Economic Forum to their membership database of approximately 2000 members.


SATF Economic Forum Gauteng North region signing up members in Pretoria huge success today 14 Match 2015. Well done Gauteng North region coordinators Navi, Shunu, Poobalan and Jay we solute you for your dedication, passion and commitment, it take a special breed of person to sacrifice your family and weekends for the economic freedom of the South Indian community.


On the 23rd March 2015 the Wynburg Temple in Gauteng signs up 17 members on the weekend. We are signing up membership daily and the awareness is spreading like wild fire. This is a revolution hitting the South Indian community like never before. We have together found each other and united we can do more. Thank you and congrats to Yeglan and the team in the East Region we are one step closer than we were yesterday to our goal of 200 000 members.


The SATF Economic Forum team embarked on another milestone and spreads their wings to Mpumalanga. The team Tavy Naiker, Seeralan Naidoo, Ravi Rattay and myself left Gauteng at 10.00 am on the 28th March 2015 on their  journey to Middelburg Venue: Middle Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 292 Walter Sisulu Street, Middleburg, Time 14h00, Mpumalanga to establish yet another footprint of the Forum. As loyal and passionate servants of the SATF Economic Forum they went there to plant the seeds of the dream and fly our flag high as we move one step closer to the goal of 200000 members. We have no doubt that the coordinators Trevor Govender, Thivium Naidoo and Lenny Poonan in Mpumalanga will nurture these seeds that will one day bear the fruits of economic freedom for the South Indian community.


The team will be at the Rustenburg Information Center Amphitheatre in the North West province this Saturday to address the North West Tamil Federation’s Tamil New Year function. If you live in the area you are welcome to attend and show your support for the SATF Economic Forum. We look forward to meeting you this Saturday.

The membership uptake in the Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West provinces is amazing and all we hear is this is long overdue.







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