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Advancing the South Indian Community through economic empowerment

 Our Vision: to have a minimum of 200 000 members


Our Mission:

  1. to find a long term financially sustainable business model to provide finance for the SATF and its provincial affiliates to promote and propagate the Tamil language, religion and culture.


  1. to create an ongoing relationship between the South Indian community, business men and women, Government and the broader business community.


  1. to create business opportunities for the South Indian community through  partnerships, investments, business joint ventures, empowerment opportunities, networking, and any other strategy that the economic forum feels is relevant.


SATF Economic Forum, SATF House 100 Woburn Avenue, Benoni, Gauteng, 2091


For more information on membership contact

Gauteng Provincial Coordinator: Neil Pillay 082 373 1189 email

West Region: Seeralan Naidoo 082 854 7067 email

East Region: Yegalan Chetty 082 374 9131 email

North Region: Navi Moodley 082 553 4125 email

SATF Economic Forum Website;

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