SATF Business Forum Monthly News Letter 12/2014

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Welcome to the first of a monthly SATF Business forum news letter which you will receive on a regular basis. The business forum is currently being set up in all provinces in South Africa where ever the South Indian community resides. The purpose of this forum is to look at ways to assist the SATF promote and propagate the Tamil religion and culture through its various art forms and Hindu places of worship.

In addition the business forum seeks to engage in various discussions with the various structures to look at ways to economically empower the community it serves through an active members of the forum through membership fees. There is a now an active membership drive taking place in Gauteng which is the first province where the structure is being set up.

It is anticipated that Gauteng will be the experimental province which resolves all the challenges which confronts the provincial structure so that when other provinces are being set up many of the challenges experienced in Gauteng will have been already addressed.

The founding principal of the forum will be that all South Indians who follow the religion and culture will become members and not a selected few individuals who enrich themselves, it is founded on a broad based vision where all will benefit from the business opportunities that will unfold.

We are calling upon anyone who is willing to assist with the membership drive to contact the following regional coordinators to be part of the process:

Gauteng Province

West Region: Seeralan Naidoo, Cell 082 854 7067
Veena Naidoo
Guru Somadran
Tavy Naicker
Louis Moodley,

East Region: Yaglan Chetty, Cell 082 374 9131

North Region: Navi Moodley Cell 082 553 4125

Please forward this newsletter to as many Tamalians as possible. The business forum aims to reach 200 000 in the next five years, you help and support in making this a success will be highly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “SATF Business Forum Monthly News Letter 12/2014”

  1. Vanakkam , as part of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng (TFG) I want to place my sincere appreciation to the leadership of the SATF Business Forum ,on taking this huge task, to put together the business forum ,and now the newsletter and with all its other social media’s ,your thinking is very progressive and to my little understanding of communty involvement it’s the step in the right direction. ,it’s persons like yourselves that should be saluted for the time and effort you set aside to assist the South Indian course . Nandri Nadas Pillay

    1. Hi Mr Nadas Pillay,

      Thank you for the encouraging message. Yes the task is a mammoth one and we require all the support we can get, we want to involve the entire South Indian community to make our task as easy as possible, together we can achieve more, the support is very encouraging and we remain motivated by your words to continue to put our energy and efforts to ensure the success of this project, we do also believe that the task ahead is not an easy one and continued dedication, passion and commitment and focus is constantly required by everyone, the coordinators will welcome all the support they can get and encourage anyone who is willing to assist in the membership drive to contact them. God bless you and the family and have a wonderful festive period and a very prosperous 2015.

  2. This is the solution to the financial constraints experienced by all organisations that serve the community. The general public benefit from the services offered and very seldom share in the financial management of the organisations. Collectively we can resolve the problems and make the organisations accountable to the general public.

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